Looking for Business Opportunities in Green Power and Renewable Energies

Note: An Invitation to all the Start Up to set up “Start Up Village” in Andhra Pradesh, India.

This is OSK REDDY, Founder of “Green Universe Environmental Services Society” from India, a committed environmentalist who dedicated towards sustainable development glad to express the idea of setting up of a “Start Up Village” consisting world class facilities in Andhra Pradesh, India. The major objective of this proposed project is to create sustainable livelihoods and to protect our mother planet from happening series of disasters through various adaptive measures of an innovative eco friendly sustainable concepts and to leave a clean & green planet to the future generations.

We are mainly proposing this project to protect the one and only living planet from climate shift issues & global warming effects in the interest of the global communities as well to help the communities of this region through transforming knowledge on various eco friendly sustainable developmental initiatives.
This “Start Up Village” will consists of “Rural Technology Park”, “Environmental Education Facility Center”, “Arboretum” “Bio Diversity Conservation Center”, “Research Facility Center”, “Renewable Technology Hub” “Live Demo Projects” “International Incubation Center”, “International Volunteer Facility House” & “International Youth Hostels”.

We have acquired the suitable land of 100 Acres with all the basic infrastructure & facilities like water, power, road ways, sea ways, railways and it is very close to 2 International Air Ports of Chennai & Tirupathi, 2 sea ports of Krishnapatnam & Dugarajapatnam and well connected to the major Railway Stations. The proposed location is quiet suitable for setting up of “World Class Start Up Village” with different line of products & activities to target the biggest market of India with 150 Million people. Hence, We invite all the Start Ups to have their dream projects in India at our place. The cost of land is very reasonable and also the establishment costs would be very less when compare with many other countries.

The local Governments are pro active and business rules are very flexible. We are committed team drawn from different fields with experience & expertise to shape this proposed project of world class “Global Start Up Village” with all your co-operation & collaboration. The proposed location will be quiet suitable for Start Ups who ever willing to come to India for establishment of their units. Let all Start Ups join together and develop a world class Start Ups Village in India to cater the world markets. We expect your cooperation in every aspect to shape this project to have face in the crowd.

Thanking You

with best regards

Ph: +919848028410
Ph: +919494947894
Web Site: www.guessfoundation.org

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hello!good morning! this is osk reddy managing director of green universe environmental services society (GUESS) NGO from hyderabad, andhra pradesh, india do hereby inform you that we are very much interested and involved in promotion of renewable energy technologies in india. we have a land bank of about 100 acres in andhra pradesh and we are prepared to use that land to set up an integrated renewable energies technology center to share the knowledge and to impart training to the rural and urban communities about the advantages of renewable energies. we need your help and support in terms of technical and financial for setting up of a comprehensive renewable energies technology center in andhra pradesh, india. we hope for your early response in this regard. thank uosk reddy

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