Lightweight Compressed Hydrogen Tanks Power Fuel Cell Car Over Swiss Alps

A prototype Volkswagen hydrogen fuel cell car has successfully climbed the Swiss Alps through the Simpion Pass connecting Switzerland and Italy, during the first long-range test drive of the hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicle.

CALGARY, Canada, 2002-02-27 [] Canadian company Dynetek Industries Ltd. (DNK), which developed, produced and marketed the lightweight compressed hydrogen cylinders, announced the results of a collaboration with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) at Wuerenlingen, Switzerland and ETH Zuerich together with a number of other technology companies. They collaborated in the conversion of an automobile of the Volkswagen type Bora to stored hydrogen and fuel cells. Dynetek supplied the lightweight, carbon fiber reinforced cylinders for storing compressed hydrogen. “We wanted to demonstrate the potential, not only in the laboratory, but in the reality of road traffic,” says project leader Philip Dietrich, who adds: “Braking energy is stored in ultra capacitors which enhance the efficiency of the car.” Dynetek develops, manufactures and markets Advanced Lightweight Fuel Storage Systems(TM) for storing compressed natural gas (CNG) for low emission CNG vehicles and compressed hydrogen for zero emission fuel cell vehicles. The Dynetek fuel storage system is marketed under the DyneCell(R) brand name.


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