Li-ion Tech Gets First Testing Platform for Battery Lifetime

DNV GL yesterday said that it has created the first testing-based verification of battery lifetime for lithium-ion batteries.

The company said that the independent verification tool compiles battery life cycle data and predicts battery degradation under different conditions and duty cycles for the comparison of different types and brands of energy storage technology.

“As energy storage deployment reaches the gigawatt scale, the market is still challenged to overcome the self-certification approaches of the past,” Davion Hill, Ph.D., DNV GL’s energy storage leader, Americas, said in a statement, adding that duty cycle and performance vary by market and battery.

“This bottlenecks project development because every project requires a unique verification of lifetime,” he said. “To solve this, we calibrated legacy automotive life prediction models with a minimum dataset. Once tested, batteries can be sized to any duty cycle and developers can scale without waiting on data from suppliers. We have built the world’s only independently created database of Li-on battery performance to help the market deploy faster.”

DNV GL said that Battery XT can provide consulting on battery size and chemistry selection, and aims to reduce risk and inform purchases and planning for energy storage asset management.

Lead image credit: DNV GL

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