Latin American Renewable Energy Conference

July 21, 2004 [] Platts announced its 2nd Annual Renewable Energy in Latin America conference, September 20 – 21, 2004, in Miami, Florida. Renewable energy continues to gain ground in Latin America. More and more countries are creating regulations and incentive programs to encourage renewables. Expertise in developing and financing bankable projects is growing. The use of carbon funds and carbon trading is increasing and assisting in this growth. The conference will allow attendees to learn what opportunities exist for renewable development and examine strategies for putting together a successful project. Eight renewable energy project developers will be there to share their experience. These include: BP Solar – Turn-key projects in Latin America; Brascan Energetica – The environment for small hydro projects in Brazil; CEPM’s Parque Eolico de Cabo Engano – First commercial wind project in the Dominican Republic; Clipper Windpower Inc. – Putting together a bankable wind power project; ENEL – Renewable energy plans, portfolio diversity and geothermal focus; Fundacion Natura – Implementation of renewable energy systems; PV on the Galapagos Islands; GEF – Geothermal energy development project in the Caribbean; Iberdrola Energias Renovables S.A. – What it takes to back other companies’ renewable projects.


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