Latest Findings on Supercapacitors for RE

March 25, 2003 [] The latest findings by Frost & Sullivan on the supercapacitor market reveal much promise for the technology. An excited buzz is surrounding supercapacitors that offer storage capability millions of times greater than that of traditional capacitors. High costs and outstanding technical issues are, however, two key factors restraining growth optimisation. Even as technical problems get resolved, market participants are pinning their hopes on the automotive industry, particularly the hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) segment to increase volume demand, consequently triggering significant price declines. While there will be sizeable demand from end-user sectors such as rail (heavy rail vehicles, tramways and metro), Renewable Energy systems (including wind power and solar applications), and uninterruptible power supply systems (over 50 kilo volt-amperes), automotive applications are projected to be the highest growth area for supercapacitors. More info on the findings are available at the company’s site below.
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