Last Round of Pennsylvania Clean Energy Grants

Don’t read any further if you live in a state that does little or nothing to support renewable energy (like for example, New Hampshire, where is based). Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) just released 34 grants totaling US$5 million as part of their Energy Harvest Initiative. It’s enough to make you want to move to the state to tap into the next round — if there is a next round.

Pennsylvania’s Energy Harvest grant program provides the final increment of financing for clean and renewable energy projects to be built in the state from sources such as biomass, wind, solar, small-scale hydroelectric, landfill methane, coal-bed methane and waste-coal. The grant program will no longer be funded unless both the state’s legislature and voters act on reviving it. Pennsylvania Governor Rendell has proposed an $800 million bond initiative, the Growing Greener II initiative, which includes $80 million over four years to expand Pennsylvania Energy Harvest. Passage of the governor’s plan by the Legislature is critical to expanding Energy Harvest. The Legislature still must vote to put funding for Growing Greener II on the ballot so voters can choose yes or no. Energy Harvest is among the major initiatives that Governor Rendell has launched to build a clean, indigenous, diversified energy industry in the state. Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary McGinty noted that Pennsylvania spends as much as $30 billion a year – more than the state’s entire $23 billion General Fund budget – to import energy fuels. “Indigenous energy development has a multiplier effect in local and regional economies that can yield greater economic benefits than the value derived from imported oil,” McGinty said. “Keeping energy dollars in-state is the first step in retaining and generating more jobs.” The following is a list by county of the $5 million awarded in Pennsylvania Energy Harvest grants: ALLEGHENY COUNTY Pine Township – $62,800 to install a 50 kW Bergey wind turbine at Pine Community Park. Carnegie Mellon University – $88,633 to install a 12 kW photovoltaic system on an existing renovation at 407 S. Craig St. in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. BLAIR COUNTY Southern Alleghenies Conservancy Inc. – $280,500 to Southern Alleghenies on behalf of Penn England Farms to construct an anaerobic digester with a generator rated at 160 kW of capacity. BUCKS COUNTY Wrightstown Township Board of Supervisors – $19,517 to install a 5.7- kW photovoltaic solar array. Delaware Valley College – $199,125 to install a wind-driven pneumatically powered computer-controlled animal waste composting facility. CENTRE COUNTY University Area Joint Authority – $50,000 to beneficially reuse highly treated wastewater treatment plan effluent. Miller Bros. Construction Inc. – $43,140 to install a 10 kW wind turbine at the building leased by DEP’s Moshannon District Office. CHESTER COUNTY Chester County Conservation District – $34,577 for the conservation district on behalf of Charlestown Cooperative Farm to install a solar-powered hoophouse/greenhouse that will be heated via a corn-fired furnace and coupled with a 3.6 kW solar photovoltaic system. Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania – $16,667 to install a 5- kW grid-tied photovoltaic system at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine’s Swine Center located on the New Bolton Center campus in Kennett Square. Chester County Industrial Development Authority – $250,000 to fund Phase II of Project REAP, which takes spent mushroom compost and produces ethanol and electricity. Mesa Environmental Services Inc. – $48,315 to install a solar photovoltaic system at East Whiteland, Tredyffrin and Willistown townships. CLARION COUNTY Piney Creek Limited Partnership – $225,000 to install, own and operate a wood-fired gasifier and associated boiler to provide heat and hot water for a commercial fish farm. CUMBERLAND COUNTY IdleAire Technologies Corp. – $360,000 to install advanced truck stop electrification systems to allow drivers of heavy-duty trucks to turn off their diesel engines as an alternative to idling during periods of rest. DAUPHIN COUNTY Worley and Obetz Inc. – $219,908 to fund infrastructure construction, promotion, and market-building for biofuels in Pennsylvania. DELAWARE COUNTY Media Borough – $94,245 to install solar panels on seven public buildings and to create an education exhibit in the elementary school about solar energy. ERIE COUNTY Millcreek Township School District – $63,892.00 to install a green roof for the Asbury Woods Nature Center. FULTON COUNTY Fulton County Conservation District – $125,000 to install an advanced solar desiccant heat pump. GREENE COUNTY CONSOL Energy Inc. – $171,610 to fund the use of advanced microturbine technology to extract energy from mine mouth methane. INDIANA COUNTY Indiana County Conservation District – $25,500 to the conservation district on behalf of the Terczak veal farm in Punxsutawney to install an anaerobic digester that will provide heat for the animals and hot water. MERCER COUNTY McKeever Environmental Learning Center – $34,154 to install a 10 kW Bergey wind turbine. NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY Sun-Re Cheese Corp. – $300,000 to install an anaerobic digester system, with a 200 kW generator capable of producing 1.7 million kWh per year from cheese whey. PERRY COUNTY Beaver Ridge Farm Inc. – $326,936 to install an anaerobic digestion system with phosphorous removal technology. PHILADELPHIA Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia – $54,203 to install a 5 kW photovoltaic system on Cusano Environmental Education Center. Philadelphia Fry-o-Diesel LLC – $369,696 to design a facility to process trap grease for use as transportation fuel blend and a heating oil replacement. Delaware Valley Green Building Council – $94,391 to build a high- performance green school. City of Philadelphia – $80,000.00 toward the installation of photovoltaic systems on 12 new construction units for the city’s Energy Star Homes: West Philadelphia Gateway project. In addition, DEP’s funding supports the Energy Star Home certification process, community outreach, and an intensive design charrette for the selected developer that will be coordinated by the Delaware Valley Green Building Council. IBEW Local 98, Apprentice Training Facility – $36,260 to build a 9.8 kW grid-tied photovoltaic power station on the roof of the Apprentice Training Facility for the electrical industry. POTTER COUNTY Potter County Conservation District – $255,000 to the conservation district on behalf of Four Winds Farms to install an anaerobic digester with a generating capacity of 140 kW. SCHUYLKILL COUNTY W.J. Aquaculture Inc. – $38,900 to provide farm solar energy electric generation to supply about 17 percent of the electric energy needs of WJA. SOMERSET COUNTY Somerset Conservation District – $325,000 to the conservation district on behalf of the Hillcrest Saylors Dairy Farm of Rockwood to install an anaerobic digester. WAYNE COUNTY Wayne Conservation District – $27,680 to the conservation district on behalf of the Welch Farm to install a 10 kW Bergey wind turbine to supply more than one-quarter of the electric needs for the farm operation. MULTIPLE COUNTIES Princeton Energy Systems Inc. – $280,000 to fund the design and implementation of biogas energy optimization projects that will provide combined heating, cooling and power from advanced anaerobic digestion processes at five industrial sites. Granger Energy of Honey Brook – $235,000 to purchase a landfill gas-fueled Caterpillar 3516 Engine Generator Unit and switchgear. Pocono Northeast Resource Conservation & Development Council – $101,825 to install solar- and wind-powered water pumping for rotational grazing systems.
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