Konarka Obtains License for Polycarbazoles

Konarka Technologies Inc., the developer of Power Plastic, a material that converts light to energy, announced that it has obtained an exclusive license for a new family of photoactive polymers called polycarbazoles (PCZ). These polymers could help the company achieve higher conversion efficiencies from Power Plastic and other products.

The new family of polymers was developed by Professor Mario Leclerc, director of the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Research Center at Université Laval and director of the Quebec Center on Functional Materials (CQMF). Konarka and Université Laval have been collaborating for the past four years.

“We recently obtained the exclusive rights to Professor Leclerc’s new polymer family that will allow us to investigate and optimize its potential for increased efficiency in converting light to energy in photovoltaic modules,” said Dr. Russell Gaudiana, vice president of research at Konarka. “We expect that this technology will help us maintain our leadership position in organic photovoltaics by accelerating the development, manufacturing and commercialization of our Power Plastic.”


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