Key Canary Islands Infrastructure Completed for Soria-Chira Pumped Storage Hydro Project

Madrid-based grid operator Red Electrica de Espana last week inaugurated a new substation that will connect with the planned Soria-Chira pumped storage hydropower plant in the Canary Islands.

The new 220/66-kV Santa Agueda substation is part of a 54-million-euro (US$59.4 million) investment in upgrades to the transmission infrastructure of the Canary Islands. Fernando Clavijo, President of the Canary Islands, attended the substation inauguration, Red Electrica said.

Planned infrastructure upgrades for the Canary Islands include strengthening transmission grid meshing; development of energy storage systems to serve as operation tools to improve the sustainability of the electricity system; and construction of new interconnections between islands and new electricity lines for the integration of renewables, according to Red Electrica.

Spanish electric utility Endesa transferred the 200 MW Soria-Chira pumped storage project to Red Electrica for 11.2 million euros. Total investment for the pumped storage facility could reach 300 million euros (US$330 million), according to Red Electrica. The project is designed to ensure grid stability rather than operate as a generating facility.

Lead image: The CEO of Red Electrica, Juan Lasala, and the Chairman of the Company, Jose Folgado, receiving the President of the Canary island, Fernando Clavijo, on his arrival at the Santa Agueda substation. Credit: Red Electrica.


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