John Deere Sponsors North Dakota Fuel Cell Car

[] Cars developed for the 2005 North American Solar Challenge have a bit of leeway as to where their power comes from. Students involved in the Society of Energy Alternatives (SEA) at the University of North Dakota decided to switch to hydrogen fuel cells in 2003, and they’re ready to race as an exhibition car in 2005 thanks to a $150,000 proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell donation from John Deere ePower Technologies. Toronto-based Hydrogenics manufactured the PEM fuel cell power. For the last three years Hydrogenics and John Deere have been collaborating in the development and integration of fuel cell technology for light mobility applications. Hydrogenics is also supplying technical support to SEA’s fuel cell car project. The fuel cell car being designed and built by the student members of the UND SEA will participate in the 2005 North American Solar Challenge race as an exhibition class fuel cell car. The 2005 North American Solar Challenge route travels through North Dakota, beginning in Austin, Texas and ends in Calgary, Alberta.
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