Is the Tesla Powerwall 2 worth buying and how does it compare to other energy storage solutions?


The Tesla Powerwall has recently received a ton of press coverage as the backbone of a system designed to save one Australian city $1.5 million. However, long before this venture, Tesla released the first Powerwall back in 2015 and then released the Powerwall 2.0 a year later. The stunning thing about the announcement of the Powerwall was not that it had amazing new technology it was the cost. The Tesla Powerwall cost  was originally touted as being as low as $3,500. This was unheard of as standard solar battery solutions that had traditionally been used on off grid solar power systems were typically more than $30,000. Although the release of the Powerwall saw an increase in the minimum price of the Powerwall it also saw an almost doubling of its capacity and the inclusion of a battery inverter. But does this value make the Tesla home battery worth Buying?  Read more about the Tesla Powerwall v’s other solar batteries…


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