Irish Government Calls for Renewable Energy

Dermot Ahern TD, Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, today published a new study that targets an indicative increase in Ireland’s green energy output between now and 2020.

Dublin, Ireland – January, 8, 2004 [] The Consultation Document on “Options for Future Renewable Energy Policy, Targets and Programmes’ lists a range of green energy penetration targets for the electricity market. It targets 13.2 to 20 percent for the year 2010 and 15 to 30 percent for the year 2020. The document will be used to map out a future strategy for green energy in the coming years and follows a commitment given by the Minister after the conclusion of the AER VI competition several months ago. The consultation document looks at key areas in the future including: 1. Future renewables policy 2. Future green energy contribution to Ireland’s electricity markets 3. How to overcome barriers to the deployment of renewable energy 4. Future options for market support mechanisms Respondents are required to cost and justify each proposal for future targets and support. The document acknowledges the recent decision of the Commission for Energy Regulation to place a “pause” on further wind energy connections to the grid, above the 600 MW or so already agreed, because of concerns raised by the ESB National Grid. “Historically, electricity infrastructure in Ireland was principally designed and operated to facilitate the deployment of electricity from conventional energy sources,” the report stated. “In parallel with market liberalisation, steps have been initiated over the last decade to adapt the legal, administrative and technical framework to accommodate renewable energy sources.” “The electricity network was largely designed and is currently operated to take generation from a relatively small number of central thermal power stations connected to a meshed transmission system (400, 220 and 110 kV) and then distributes it through a radial distribution system (38, 20 and 10 kV) to final customers.”
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