Inverter Company Installs Rooftop PV Array

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. has activated Southern Alberta’s largest solar array at the company’s new power electronics laboratory and head office in Calgary.

Calgary, Alberta – February 13, 2003 [] The company will be using the array for testing and demonstration of a Renewable Energy power inverter they have developed. At 3.1 kW, the PV array isn’t breaking any worldwide records for size, but that wasn’t the company’s goal. According to Sustainable Energy’s President and CEO, Michael Carten, the company chose 3.1 kW of AstroPower modules as that size is representative of typical arrays in the U.S. residential market. The fact a 3.1 kW array is the largest in southern Alberta is indicative of the region’s heavy dependence on fossil fuels with nearly 90 percent of electricity coming from coal-fired generation. “Calgary is the center of the Canadian oil and gas industry and has the lowest electricity prices in North America,” said Carten. “So it is a bit ironic that we are located here.” On the other hand, the company may be in just the right place as fossil fuel sources are coming under increasing scrutiny by both the public and private sectors and the need to diversify the energy sectors with Renewable Energy is becoming increasingly advantageous. “Sustainable Energy’s commitment is to make Renewable Energy work in everyday applications,” said President and CEO, Michael Carten. “Activating this solar array and converting its energy using our power inverter symbolizes that commitment.” The company’s power inverter incorporates patented technologies that increase the amount of usable electricity generated by Renewable Energy technologies such as wind and solar power, fuel cells and advanced battery technologies. Sustainable Energy’s inverter technology was developed over the past two years. Since January 2002 they have been working with RWE Piller GmbH to commercialize it for residential and fuel cell applications in Europe, the United States and Japan. The platform is software configurable for multiple technologies and applications and they will use the same platform for PV applications.

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