Inventors Hope To Make Cool Cash From New Solar Shutters

The concept of traditional solar shades, which block the intense rays of the sun, is not a new one. For years, they have been used in homes to shield furniture from fading prematurely and to save on cooling bills. Recently, a few inventors put a new twist on these conventional window treatments by designing ones that absorb the sun’s energy instead of simply repelling it.

These innovative solar window treatments are made from a patent pending material that acts as solar panels designed to harness free energy from sunrise to sunset. Here are some specifics about the developed products, the cost of the new window treatments and some distinct advantages of using this type of alternative energy product over some roof top solar designs.

Types Of Solar Power Collecting Window Treatments

A new solar shutter design offers homeowners custom-built window coverings with integrated solar panels that fit over a home’s windows. The solar shutters are made from environmentally responsible and often sustainable natural materials including bamboo wood. Depending on the number and placement of the solar shutters as well as certain environmental factors, the integrated photovoltaic energy cells collect enough solar energy to power a home’s major electronic devices and many small appliances.

A thin fabric made from tensile that incorporates flexible solar panel film is used to create a solar shade that can be mounted at each sun filled window. This is just one type of building-integrated photovoltaic product under development. Others include blinds made of similar materials that block the sun’s light and heat to slash energy consumption while putting the captured solar energy to work powering appliances and other electronics.

While some of these products have not yet made it to the retail shelves, the solar shutters are for sale online. A three-foot by two-foot solar shutter costs around $400.

Design Advantages Of Solar Shutters And Shades

Window treatments are items that are inherent to a home’s structure so integrating solar power systems within these items is an attractive option to clunky, do-it-yourself solar panels of comparable power collection capacity. Additionally, these relatively low technology answers to alternative power are easier to install and cost less than most other solar power systems.

Future Advances

Today’s engineers and inventors are just beginning to tap into the many uses of solar energy. As with many innovative technical products like smart phones, point of sale software and e-readers, it seems that one great innovative product simply paves the way for others. In the home solar market, solar shutters, shades and blinds provide an affordable way to convert solar energy into valuable electricity.

As related energy storage devices like capacitors and batteries keep pace with new home solar inventions, home owners are presented with countless ways to work with the environment to power their residences cleanly and efficiently. The sun’s intense light and heat that caused a drain on so many household budgets during sweltering summer months can now be harvested to support a great deal of the home’s energy needs. Inventions like these solar window treatments makes one wonder if society has entered into a different kind of age of enlightenment.

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