International Energy Develops Microalgae Extraction Process

International Energy, Inc. has announced the development of a continuous cyclic growth and hydrocarbon extraction process that can be applied to mass cultures of microalgae for the separation of bio-oils from the algal biomass. This technology yields high purity microalgal bio-oils, which can serve as feedstock for the production of biofuels.

The proprietary technology allows the microalgae to be processed for bio-oil separation and harvesting, while preserving the viability and vitality of the cells that produce them. Microalgae, stripped of their bio-oils, are then returned to the growth medium for further growth and hydrocarbon accumulation. According to International Energy, this approach minimizes biomass generation time while enhancing yields of hydrocarbon production.

Over a period of three years International Energy has successfully identified proprietary microalgae that photosynthesize carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), and naturally accumulate up to 30% of their dry biomass in the form of liquid hydrocarbons. The latter can be easily converted into a variety of biofuels.
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