Intelligent MW-Scale Battery Park Under Construction on Azorean Island of Graciosa

Construction is underway on a fully automated 3.2 MWh intelligent battery park on the Azorean island of Graciosa, grid solutions provider Younicos said on March 14.

According to Younicos, the system will use lithium-ion cells from Leclanché, and will allow the island to be powered by wind and solar energy.

A 1-MW solar PV project on the island was recently completed, and a 4.5-MW wind park is under construction, Younicos said.

Software and controls provided by Younicos will enable the grid-forming battery power plant to balance short-term power fluctuations. Existing diesel generation will be used for back-up power during prolonged periods of bad weather.

Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanché said: “This project marks the first time a megawatt-scale power system is being stabilized using batteries — without the need for thermal generators.”

According to Younicos, Danish financial investor Recharge A/S will take a 50.1 percent stake in the 24 million euro ($26.6 million) system.

“This investment will have a truly transformative impact far beyond Graciosa,” Younicos CEO Stephen Prince said in a statement. “Recharge is helping to create a whole new renewable energy asset class that will drive the implementation of low carbon — and low cost — technologies around the globe.”

Younicos said that it is working with Leclanché, in which Recharge is an investor, on bringing similar solutions to the other Azorean islands.

Lead image: Leclanché battery rack. Credit: Younicos


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