Will NIMBYs sink new clean energy projects? The evidence says no – if developers...

When communities oppose projects, some people are quick to point to NIMBY, or not-in-my-backyard, sentiments as a formidable and pernicious obstacle.

TechnipFMC dives into seabed mineral extraction to support energy transition

A specialist in offshore oil and gas exploration, TechnipFMC is diving into seabed mineral extraction to support the energy transition.

Diverse coalition forms to lobby for construction of electric vehicle charging network

The National EV Charging Initiative will “push for deeper commitments” from member groups and the federal government to make national EV charging infrastructure a reality.

Midwest lost 8.9% of clean energy jobs in 2020, but there’s hope for a...

After years of rapid growth, clean energy jobs in the Midwestern United States fell by 8.9% — or approximately 66,000 — by the end of 2020, according to a new report by the nonpartisan...

EV adoption in the U.S. depends on infrastructure

How can widespread EV adoption go from aspirational to attainable?

Betting on batteries: Phillips 66 is building a U.S. supply chain to support electric...

The company announced Monday the acquisition of a 16% stake in Austrian battery material supplier NOVONIX Limited, valued at $150 million.
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American Electric Power, Sempra launch sustainable finance frameworks

By issuing bonds, loans, or other financial instruments, the companies hope to support clean energy and socially conscious projects in the pursuit of net-zero emissions.

Navigating network demands in the net-zero world

Grid connections and system security issues pose a great challenge to the ongoing roll-out of renewable energy projects and, ultimately, the achievement of worldwide net-zero goals. But it’s a challenge that can be met.

California, Maryland, and Florida lead nation in electric school bus adoption, report finds

Only 2% of American school districts have committed to one or more electric buses, according to a new report by the World Resources Institute.

Four ways to put EVs on our roads today

If the clean energy industry has shown us anything the past few years, it’s that it’s booming and ready to power our economy long into the future. The price declines in solar, wind, and battery storage have shown that renewables are available, economical, and growing.