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Thursday’s eclipse reduced PV production

A partial solar eclipse last Thursday was expected to reduce solar energy production for a time. It underlines the importance of photovoltaic operators and utilities having backups, whether in the form of energy storage...

Maine continues expansion of EV fast-charging network

Efficiency Maine last week announced seven awards to place new high-speed electric vehicle (EV) chargers at strategic locations on Interstate 95 to serve communities in central and eastern Maine. With these additions, Maine’s universally accessible,...

10 things bus fleets need in order to electrify (part 2 of 2)

by Alison Wiley The electric bus world is growing rapidly, with more purchase orders being placed for them weekly, massive federal funding for them being proposed, and Lion’s announcement of going public and building a huge e-bus manufacturing plant in Illinois...

How EVs can advance environmental justice

n my view, making EVs and charging infrastructure accessible to all drivers is crucial for achieving clean transportation and energy justice.

Wales goes to the polls with renewables firmly on the agenda

The ‘green economy’ has become a central proposition of all of the main parties. Given the practicality and the fiscal benefits of increasing renewables infrastructure across the country, it makes sense for campaigning politicians to focus on this area.

The US needs more grid engineers to implement Biden’s plan (1 of 2)

Hiring engineers via the H1B process would address the immediate need for high voltage engineers.

Hosting capacity analysis could simplify grid interconnection for distributed energy resources

While hosting capacity analysis can be valuable as a data point, it could be an even better tool for distributed solar adoption.
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California center launches to help e-mobility early-stage companies achieve commercialization

The anticipated launch of the California Mobility Center (CMC) was made official last week as it formally shifted into full commercial operations in support of its mission to accelerate the pace of future mobility commercialization in...

New energy storage deployment topped record 3,500 MWh in 2020, ESA report shows

Energy storage installation grew nearly 200 percent and totaled an all-time operational record in fourth quarter 2020, according to a new report. The report released by analytics and research firm Wood MacKenzie and the U.S....

FedEx says it will be carbon-neutral by 2040

Company is going all-electric and funding a new Yale center for applied research focused on carbon-negative technologies. FedEx Corp. announced this week that it wants to achieve carbon-neutral operations globally by 2040. The company laid out three key...