Idenergie collaborating with Parks Canada to install hydrokinetic turbines

Idenergie reported in mid-November that it had signed a contract with Parks Canada to install and monitor 10 hydrokinetic turbines in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks in Alberta and British Columbia.

This project is part of Parks Canada’s rehabilitation plan, spread over the next two to five years, intended to develop facilities on several sites using clean energy, Idenergie said in a press release.

A first exploratory visit took place at the end of October to allow Idenergie’s experts to assess potential sites, the company says. Work on this project will begin in spring 2016.

According to Idenergie’s website, the company’s river turbines feature “shaftless technology [that] prevents any water intrusions within the generator’s electric casing.” The unit is designed to perform even in shallow depths of 2 feet of water and current velocities as low as 1 meter per second. Each unit can generate up to 12 kWh of electricity daily.

Idenergie was selected for the Build in Canada Innovation Program in December 2014, which was established to foster innovation in Canadian companies. The program helps companies bridge the gap between the last stages of R&D and commercialization, Idenergie says.

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