Ideal Power and Nextracker Team Up for Solar-Plus-Storage Products

At Intersolar North America, Ideal Power announced a new partnership with NEXTracker.

Ideal Power will supply NEXTracker with its 30-kW SunDial storage-enabled multi-port PV string inverter, its 30-kW Stabiliti power conversion system, and a custom NEXTracker-exclusive 15-kW SunDial, which NEXTracker will integrate into its NX Fusion Plus solar-plus-storage product. The product will be deployed to various commercial, industrial and utility sites throughout North America.

The companies said that NEXTracker’s NX Fusion Plus may include either the SunDial, Stabiliti or both, depending on the specific needs of each project, and will come fully equipped, pre-wired, pre-assembled and ready to power up with the systems in place. Ideal Power’s SunDial inverter includes full galvanic isolation and is field upgradeable anytime with a plug-and-play bidirectional direct current (DC) power port kit.

The inverter eliminates the alternating current (AC) coupling that has been traditionally prominent in the industry. Ideal Power’s Stabiliti series is a grid-resilient power conversion system that brings many of the benefits of the SunDial plus grid forming capabilities for microgrid applications.  

“NEXTracker’s solar-plus-storage product helps safeguard against the reduction or elimination of net metering incentives for new solar installations happening across North America, while providing a higher return on investment than solar alone,” said Ideal Power CEO Dan Brdar.

“This agreement allows us to focus on energy storage markets, which we believe benefit from our proprietary multi-port and microgrid-capable products,” said Ideal Power Chairman Lon Bell.

Ideal Power will be selling product initially, before transitioning to licensing. A licensing agreement with Flex for the NX Fusion Plus is already in place.

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