ICP Solar To Ship First GreenMeters

ICP Solar Technologies Inc. a developer of solar panels and products, announced that it will begin shipping its new Sunsei GreenMeter this month. The initial customer, an education products company, will be installing the GreenMeter in 30 high schools across North America as part of scientific training stations for labs within a curriculum that focuses on renewable energy.

The Sunsei GreenMeter hybrid energy monitor will be the centerpiece of these stations. The meter will interface with solar panels, wind turbines and a battery system that monitors energy output. Students will be able to measure electrical power production from both solar and wind sources, analyzing the resulting energy based on things like existing weather conditions.

“These first units will allow students to learn about two of today’s leading forms of alternative energy – wind and solar power – along with energy conversion and electricity generation. Assisting young minds appreciate how clean energy fits into the global economic environment is compelling, and we anticipate expanding sales within the education field. Beyond this market, we expect the GreenMeter to post rapid growth worldwide next year as it uniquely provides consumers and commercial enterprises with an easy means to monitor their ever-increasing alternative energy installations,” said Sass Peress, chairman and CEO of ICP Solar.

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