ICP Solar & OutBack Power Develop Remote Energy Applications

ICP Solar Technologies Inc. announced that the company has developed an internet-based monitoring solution to communicate with OutBack Power Systems’ power electronics products. ICP Solar’s patented Sunsei GreenMeter monitor can now communicate with the OutBack MATE, a display unit for Outback’s battery based renewable energy systems.

Using this system, ICP said that both owners and installers can elect to receive email alerts about their renewable energy systems and review critical system parameters almost anywhere.

“Remote communications will save industrial customers thousands of dollars in routine site visits by replacing truck rolls and helicopter rides with a click of the mouse,” said Bryan Thomas, product manager for Outback Power Systems. “We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with ICP Solar and the GreenMeter going forward.”

In a related story, the ANITA (Antarctica Impulsive Transient Antenna) project, which uses a huge, solar-equipped NASA helium balloon flying at 120,000 feet above the continent of Antarctica to study neutrinos, the charge-less particles traveling through space at near the speed of light, is using the OutBack FLEXmax 60 charge controller for its solar system. Being able to collect, and then convert and store the sun’s energy to power ANITA is critical to the success of the experiment, project officials said.
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