ICP Global, Solicore Sign Agreement

Solicore Inc., a company that develops next-generation electrolyte technologies, has signed a joint development agreement with ICP Global, Inc., a manufacturer of solar powered products.

Lakeland, Florida – August 16, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The two companies plan to use their patented technologies to jointly develop and market a range of solar-energy products for consumer and industrial applications. Solicore has patented a dry electrolyte that is a non-compressible, non-combustible and non-toxic film. The technology makes possible for the first time completely solid, dry, flexible, rechargeable and environmentally friendly battery products that have numerous, diverse applications. ICP has developed a line of photovoltaic panels capable of running small appliances in RVs and Marine, maintaining vehicle batteries, and solar-powered battery chargers sold through numerous large retailers and worldwide channels. “The marriage of the two technologies could lead to a host of power applications that can only be imagined today,” said Robert Singleton, president and chief operating officer of Solicore. “In today’s energy-conscious world, the combination of solar and battery technologies has unlimited product potential.” “We look forward to focusing the creativity of both R&D teams on the development of innovative new products for a variety of markets,” said Sass Peress, chairman and chief executive officer of ICP Global. “We are always working on products to help consumers in their every-day lives, but our combined technologies also have significant relevance other market applications for military, industrial and OEM applications. This development partnership holds exciting promise.” Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, ICP Global Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of solar-powered products, which are sold worldwide by companies such as Auto Zone, Camping World, Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, West Marine and Canadian Tire. Solicore was formed to create superior energy storage products – batteries that are safer, lighter and more compact than today’s products. Its Leading Edge Technologies subsidiary specializes in the design of equipment for manufacturers of advanced batteries. Solicore’s headquarters and R&D facilities are located in Lakeland, Florida.
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