ICP Global Partners for Flexible Cells

A partnership between two major solar companies has them anticipating rapid new product development and faster paced improvements on each company’s existing technology and applications.

Montreal, Canada – March 4, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] ICP Global Technologies signed an exclusive licensing agreement on with Global Solar, a developer of next-generation flexible copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) solar cells. The licensing agreement includes international rights for the exclusive use of Global Solar’s technology for various solar products. An innovative solar product has already been created through this partnership between the two companies. The companies have worked together to produce the BatterySAVER FLEX, which is designed to charge 12V batteries for markets including marine and boating. The new product incorporates NASA and military technologies with non-breakable solar cells to create a lightweight, flexible and durable solar panel that can be installed anywhere. Its malleable construction and choice of mounting options are ideal for all types of boats and other marine applications, as well as for RVs, automobiles and camping. The BatterySAVER FLEX panels are made up of the extremely flexible and durable CIGS solar cells, a material proven to be a very stable and long-lived, even when subjected to the rigors of extreme radiation in space. Thin as 10 sheets of paper, and just as flexible, the BatterySAVER FLEX rolls up neatly into its storage / carrying container when not in use. “This marriage will bring forth a host of solar power applications that could only be previously imagined,” said Stephane Dallaire, vice-president of Corporate Development for ICP Global Technologies. “We look forward to focusing on the development of innovative new products for a variety of markets. We are always working on ideas to help consumers in their everyday lives. This development partnership holds exciting promise.” The BatterySAVER FLEX, which is available in 5 W, 10 W and 20 W outputs, can also act as a direct power source for portable electronics such as GPS devices, cellular phones and laptop computers using the optional 12V power socket. ICP Global Technologies now enjoys the exclusive right to fully commercialize Global Solar Energy’s advanced CIGS solar technologies in jointly developed products. The company anticipates using Global Solar’s thin-film solar cells in a variety of applications, encouraging the widespread use of solar power solutions. “To have a partner with the vision of consumer needs that ICP Global brings will enable us to capitalize on our leading edge technology as we co-develop products to meet customer demand,” said Michael S. Gering, president of Global Solar Energy. “This partnership has limitless possibilities.”
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