ICP Global CEO Heading to Summit

August 30, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] ICP Global Technologies, the only Canadian manufacturer of solar energy panels is sending its CEO, Sass M. Peress, to Johannesburg’s World Sustainable Summit with an energy plan, which the company predicts will please both environmentalists and industrialists stimulating economic growth. With an economic incentive to create jobs in the Renewable Energy sector, companies, which would have otherwise invested in other sectors, can be attracted to invest in Renewable Energy creation. ICP Global Technologies has taken the approach that solar powering the inhabitants one at a time is a better one today, in the void of global policies that enhance the use of solar renewable energy. By making available solar products for as low as $20 to recharge AA batteries or even cellular phones, ICP takes the approach that involving everyday people, solar energy is possible, with more humble approaches.


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