Iberdrola Planning 1.2-GW Pumped Storage Hydro Plant in Portugal

The nearly 1200-megawatt (MW) Alto Támega hydro complex in Portugal is set to be developed by Spanish energy group Iberdrola. The new plants, two with a combined 900 MW of pumped storage capacity and two pure turbine facilities with a combined 234 MW capacity, will be able to produce some 2 terrawatt-hours (TWh) a year.

One of the largest European hydro projects in 25 years, approximately €1.7 billion [US $2.19 billion] will be invested from 2012-2018 to build four new dams for the project. The dams will be located at Gouvães, Padroselos, Alto Támega, and Daivões.

Once fully developed, the project will be capable of generating 3% of Portugal’s current electricity consumption and enough to meet the annual needs of around one million people. Iberdrola says the dams can be operated for 65 years and the new installations are located close to Galicia, where electricity interconnections between Spain and Portugal are due to be upgraded in the near future.

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