HyRadix Hydrogen Generator Approved for Service

Hydrogen refueling stations are subject to permitting just like any filling station, and some hydrogen projects get lost in the permit shuffle. SunLine Transit in Thousand Palms, California made it through the gauntlet, however, and received final permit approval for 24 hour unattended operation of their HyRadix Adeo hydrogen generator from the Riverside County Fire Department.

Des Plaines, Illinois – August 9, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] “The US Department of Energy has pointed to permitting as one of the major hurdles in implementing the hydrogen economy,” stated Robert Gray, President and CEO of HyRadix. “This is a major step towards making hydrogen filling stations as easy to operate as consumer gas stations.” Vehicles in the transit company’s fleet run on 100 percent alternative fuel, so the company relies on the generator every day. Natural gas and propane are converted into hydrogen in the high-pressure, auto thermal generator on the SunLine site. They also operate a public fueling station for compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid natural gas, hydrogen, and an 80/20 blend of CNG and hydrogen. SunLine blends the hydrogen from the generator with compressed natural gas for their bus fleet, and the mix should extend the usable life of the transit company’s fleet. Hydrogen will also be used for fuel cell and hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles. This project is funded by the Department of Energy through a grant from the State of Illinois and by the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
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