Hydrogenics, Dow Develop Stack Sealing

Fuel Cell maker Hydrogenics Corporation and Dow Corning have signed an agreement to jointly commercialize an innovative manufacturing process that the two companies co-developed for sealing PEM fuel cell stacks, electrolyzers and membrane electrode assemblies (MEA).

Toronto, Ontario – August 5, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] Fuel Cell “Seal-in-Place(TM)” (FCSIP) technology is a robust and cost-effective automated sealing process that injects Dow Corning’s proprietary silicone materials into an unsealed assembled stack. The development of this unique Seal-in-Place(TM) process capitalizes on the combined expertise of Hydrogenics and Dow Corning. Dow Corning brings extensive experience to the collaboration in the area of curable elastomeric seal materials and adhesive and process applications, while Hydrogenics contributes leading fuel cell design engineering and testing expertise. The Seal-in-Place(TM) process substantially reduces stack assembly time and labor costs by eliminating the need to individually seal each stack component. “This sealing technology represents a potential breakthrough in the advancement of fuel cell commercialization,” said Joe Cargnelli, Vice President, Technology and co-founder of Hydrogenics. “We believe this technology will allow stack and system developers to achieve important cost reductions in fuel cell production. We also expect that the adoption of Seal-in-Place(TM) technology will lead to continuing improvements in stack performance and manufacturing processes.” “Dow Corning was delighted to contribute its world-leading materials and market expertise to the development of this promising new sealing technology,” said Larry Frisch leader of fuel cell development. “The field of fuel cell commercialization is particularly exciting in view of the tremendous global potential of this exciting new power technology. We are confident that Dow Corning will continue to play a vital role in the commercialization of fuel cell technology.”


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