Hydrogenics Completes Test of Fuel Cell Power System

Hydrogenics Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems, successfully completed testing the HyUPS regenerative back-up fuel cell power generator at a cellular tower site provided by Nextel Communications.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – September 19, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] Hydrogenics installed the prototype HyUPS power generator at the site in early July and subjected it to a rigorous test protocol over a two-month period. The unit was required to respond to simulated, as well as actual, power failures. The 25 kW, trailer-mounted, regenerative unit was commissioned within the first day of deployment, and was operational from the first “turning of the key.” The test protocol was designed to compress the profile of a full year’s intermittent outages into a two-month time period. During the test, the unit’s performance not only met the high expectations of the company and the client, it also produced instantaneous power exceeding the quality characteristics of the local utility grid during each power outage. Unlike battery alternatives, the unit powered both DC and AC loads for the site’s electronics and air conditioning. To test durability in the event of an extended outage, it operated continuously at full load for a period of four hours. Deployability, higher energy density, zero-emissions, and rapid rate of recharge proved to be the key advantages of the unit over incumbent lead-acid and diesel gen-set technologies.
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