Hydrogen Transporting Technology Advance

FuelSell Technologies Inc. (FST) has announced the development of a solution to the problem of safe transport, delivery, and storage of hydrogen for fuel cell-based power systems.

SAN FRANCISCO, California 2002-04-02 [SolarAccess.com] Hydrogen-DirectTM is a proprietary service that safely and efficiently distributes 99.999 percent pure hydrogen from clean-energy raw materials direct to consumers and businesses, according to the company. FuelSell Technologies plans to start service subscriptions and first unit deliveries within 14 months. The first FST systems will be delivered as integrated solutions for power back-up and portable power with automobiles and home systems to follow in later periods. “Hydrogen is an abundant, clean, renewable fuel that has the potential to solve many of the world’s energy needs and energy-related problems,” said Scott Redmond, COO for FuelSell Technologies. “Although hydrogen is used in various applications, it has never become a major fuel source because of distribution issues associated with it. There has been very significant recent momentum in the development and deployment of fuel cells. However, safe, reliable hydrogen storage and delivery has been the primary impediment in making this a viable energy alternative.” FST’s Hydrogen-DirectTM fuel technology stores and safely transports hydrogen as non-pressurized, non-liquid Hydrogen “H-matrix”, enabling the release of hydrogen directly into the fuel cell on demand. This eliminates the safety concerns and economic barriers currently associated with fuel transport, according to the company. “Imagine driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles for under US$2.00 in fuel costs. Visualize powering an entire single family home for a year for under US$80.00. What if the energy source to accomplish this created no environmental repercussions, was sustainable, and all of the raw materials existed entirely within U.S. borders,” said Cynthia Mason, Finance Director at the company. “If virtually every car on the road today could use this energy with a relatively inexpensive standardized engine modification and new breeds took complete advantage of this technology, the impact would be tremendous. Yet fuel cell technologies are making these scenarios very realistic.” The fuel cell market is growing rapidly. Fuel cell sales, estimated at US$218 million last year, should reach US$2.4 billion by 2005 according to a recent analysis by Fuel Cell Technology News in Norwalk, Connecticut. While some recent studies have predicted a consumer automotive fuel cell penetration point in 2010, recent press releases from Honda and Toyota, and projects in Italy, Norway and Iceland, indicate a much earlier adoption starting in 2003.
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