Hydrogen-powered Car Coming to Burlington

[Burlington Free Press] In the spring, a hydrogen-powered Toyota Prius will join the city’s fleet of cars. It will fill up at the only hydrogen pump in New England, located between the Public Works and Burlington Electric departments, and demonstrate, its proponents hope, that hydrogen-fueled cars will someday offer a realistic alternative to gasoline. …The station is being built and tested by Proton Energy Systems of Wallingford, Conn. The custom Prius, slated to be a Public Works car, is an internal-combustion hybrid. It is being converted now so that it will run on hydrogen, with water, rather than carbon dioxide, as the byproduct of combustion. Nick Borland, an engineer with Northern Power Systems of Waitsfield, the overall coordinator of the project, said he recently drove a similar vehicle in California, one of fewer than 100 in the country. For the full story, use the following link.


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