Hydrogen Economy Study Kicks Off

Navigant Consulting, Inc. is launching a comprehensive multi-client study entitled “Bringing the Hydrogen Economy Down to Earth.” The study will examine the impact of government policy, market evolution and technology developments on the prospects for hydrogen technology to evolve as a solution to long-term global energy needs.

Chicago, Illinois – April 15, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] “Concerns are escalating about how to ensure energy security and reliability, while also reducing emissions associated with fossil fuel use,” said David Walls, Director of Navigant Consulting’s Advanced Energy Systems practice. “Hydrogen has the potential to decrease the world’s dependence on petroleum, and to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, hydrogen is gaining strong attention as a potential solution to long-term energy needs. However, key questions remain regarding the degree of government commitment that will be required, and how long the development of the required infrastructure will take.” Navigant Consulting’s multi-client study is designed to help companies understand the outlook for hydrogen over the next five to 10 years – technology development, costs, applications, market prospects, potential barriers and key players – while also assessing the longer term opportunities. The fee-based study will begin on June 30, 2003, and is open to participation by energy companies, electric utilities and power generation companies, automotive manufacturers, gas utilities, equipment manufacturers, large energy end-users, investors and other companies interested in understanding the opportunities and challenges created by the growing focus on hydrogen technologies. “With the participation of a broad range of industry players, this study will examine important questions about the five and 10-year outlook for hydrogen production, distribution and storage technologies,” said Walls. “Our study approach encourages cross-industry collaboration by bringing together leading energy technology consultants with executives from companies currently involved in or seeking information to understand the prospects for a hydrogen economy–and their potential options in that market.” The company’s energy experts are presently completing a multi-client study, “The Changing Face of Renewable Energy – The Impact of U.S. Electric Industry Regulatory and Market Changes on Renewable Energy Technologies and Markets.” For additional information about this hydrogen multi-client study, including the subscription process and fees, contact David Walls at 781.564.9736, or by e-mail at DWalls@navigantconsulting.com.
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