Hydrogen Drive Gears Up for Summer Trip

As a pioneer in promoting alternative fuels and energy independence, actor Dennis Weaver and his Institute of Ecolonomics will embark on the latest in a continuing series of media and educational tours with Dennis Weaver’s International Hydrogen Drive2004.

Los Angeles, California – April 14, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Beginning in Los Angeles on June 28, the drive travels to Mexicali, Mexico before heading to its final destination in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 12. The caravan of hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen internal combustion, hybrid, biodiesel, electric, propane, CNG and ethanol vehicles will drive 1800 miles along the west coast of North America to raise awareness of the availability of a wide range of alternative fuel vehicles and the advent of vehicles fueled with renewably sourced hydrogen. The fifteen-day drive, symbolically incorporating Independence Day at its midpoint, will make media and educational stops in over two-dozen cities along the route, giving people the opportunity to learn about and experience these vehicles first-hand. Along the way, Dennis Weaver, along with other distinguished celebrities and dignitaries, will deliver speeches on the urgent need to break our dependency on fossil fuels and embrace our drive for energy independence. “Replacing fossil fuels as a principal energy source of our economy with clean, inexhaustible hydrogen is vital for a healthy, promising future,” said Dennis Weaver, founder of the Institute of Ecolonomics. “We are at the forefront of a determined drive for energy independence with the International Hydrogen Drive 2004.” Additional media events along the drive route include SanDiego; Palm Desert, Calif.; Diamond Bar, Calif.; Fresno, Calif.; San Jose,Calif.; San Francisco, Sacramento, Calif.; Ashland, Ore.; Salem, Ore.;Portland, Ore.; Olympia, Wash.; Seattle and Victoria, British Columbia. Volunteerism plays a vital part in the International Hydrogen Drive 2004’s success. The campaign said that by telling a friend and subscribing to the International HydrogenDrive 2004 e-mail newsletter, everyone can play a critical role in the drive for energy independence. Those who would like to champion the creation of hydrogen highways and promote a broad range of sustainable societal benefits by ending fossil fuel dependency can sponsor a mile or a portion of a mile of the drive by visiting the link below.
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