Hydrogen Association Addresses Study Fallout

The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) has been asked by several media contacts for their reaction to the study by the California Institute of Technology, “Potential Environmental Impact of a Hydrogen Economy on the Stratosphere” published in the journal Science.

Washington D.C. – June 17, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] Some feel the study provides results which would cause questioning of the current U.S. emphasis on hydrogen and fuel cell cars, according to the NHA. While the NHA said they have not had adequate time to analyze the study in detail they do wish to address some of the fallout. “Today, the transition to hydrogen has the potential to dramatically improve our environment by reducing the release of harmful greenhouse gases like CO2 and other pollutants into our atmosphere,” an NHA press release stated. “As we move forward, questions will inevitably continue to develop regarding the positive and negative impacts of a hydrogen economy on our environment. The National Hydrogen Association supports the investigation of these questions as they develop so that we can fully understand all of the impacts of a clean hydrogen future. The NHA has over 80 members, including energy companies, automotive manufacturers, industrial gas suppliers, fuel cell developers, and other businesses, large and small, as well as government, and academia. Although membership is diverse, all are interested in exploring the future of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and dedicated to commercializing hydrogen-related energy systems.


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