Hydrogen Added to Denmark Infrastructure

Ikast, Denmark – July 27, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Hydrogen fuels and fuel cell technology is imperative to the future of energy use in Denmark, according to the Danish Energy Authority. Commercial development company H2 Logic will lend its expertise to the Danish hydrogen strategy work group meant to investigate economic and political incentives for the development of hydrogen technology in the country. Hydrogen is the natural next step for Denmark, according to the company, because the country’s established wind energy market provides the opportunity to use the existing turbines for fuel production through electrolysis. Around 20 percent of the electricity consumed in the country comes from wind energy. During particularly wind periods the country’s power grid system has shown electricity input from wind energy as high as 100 percent. Denmark’s Hydrogen Strategy should be ready to present to the public by May of 2005, and will be a part of the national plan of action for future infrastructure in the area of energy production. The plan of action will be based on a long-term analysis towards 2025, and it will include future use of new energy technologies, including hydrogen use for transportation.
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