Hybridyne to Distribute Hybrid Wind / Solar Power Light

Hybridyne Power Systems Canada Inc. entered into a distribution agreement with Panasonic Canada Inc. that appoints Hybridyne Power Systems Canada the distributor of Panasonic Remote Energy Systems.

The Kazekamome Remote Hybrid System is an advanced Hybrid (Vertical-Axis wind & PV solar-powered) remotely emplaced lamp standard with optional Wi-Fi security video webcam. Since it is powered totally by renewable energy sources, it can be installed anywhere without expensive trenching and wiring, and consumes no electricity. Panasonic’s Kazekamome Remote Hybrid System is a stand-alone power source using the wind and sun to generate energy and store it within the internal batteries for use later. The system is ideal for use as a lighting fixture, for security applications, remote asset monitoring and as an advertising platform. “Hybridyne’s technical expertise will help us to develop this product line beyond its original intention as a lighting fixture to realize its potential as a remote energy system,” said Lorne Liddell, National Sales Manager, Panasonic Canada Inc.


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