How much do solar panels cost in Oakland in 2018?

Solar power is much more than the latest trend. It is renewable and becoming more affordable year after year, with improving technology to support it. You can save about $60,000 in the solar panel’s 25-year lifespan, but what’s the initial cost? Let’s dig into the real price of solar in bright and sunny Oakland.

Solar photovoltaic panel systems vary by the size of system, which is determined by the energy needs of the home. For residential homes, this ranges from 3 kilowatts to 12 kilowatts. The average single-family home would need a 5-kilowatt system. In Oakland, we can assume $3.50 per watt, so this would translate to $17,500 for a full solar panel system with installation. That figure seems intimidating but don’t worry, that won’t be your out-of-pocket cost.


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