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Three challenges of the future grid: New energy, Long distance, High reliability

Recent years, a new energy reform taking the renewable energy as a core has surging all over the country. The clean usages of renewable energy, nuclear energy and the fossil energy have to be achieved by transferred to electricity power. Therefore, grid in the future will become important energy transportation and distribution network.  

In the future, new energy will be the lead role of the grid transportation. However, as the renewable energy has intermittent, volatility, dispersion features, it will face a challenge when incorporated into traditional grid.

Different kinds of renewable energy have great time and space complementary, which also can exert solar energy storage function. The distribution of the energy source is uneven, so the electricity load center region will still be concentrated in east, middle and north of China. There will be large-scale long-distance transportation demand till 2020.

For the challenge of the long-distance electricity transportation, DC-grid will be one of the efficiency ways to solve the problem. For example, the thermal power  and wind power of the northeast and northwest can be fed into the “Three China” regional power grid through local grid, DC.

As the security and stability issues have become increasingly prominent in the exchange of large power grids, the DC grid can technically overcome the inherent defect to improve the reliability of the grid in the future. Therefore, transmission grid to DC power grid transition is an important trend.

The development of smart grid will make the real time monitoring of the overhead transmission lines, which brings a new leap of the overhead transmission technology. Currently, in the worldwide, grid has developed from the second time fossil energy to the sustainable third time. Under the condition of supporting the large-scale new energy power, it can reduce the risk of the grid safety, which is the direction of the sustainable and smart development in the future.

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