H Power Launches Hydrogen-Fueled Product Lines

H Power Corp. has announced that it is taking orders for its two commercial, direct hydrogen fueled product lines based on its E(PAC)-500(TM) system. Shipments are expected to be in September.

Belleville, New Jersey – August 5, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] H Power introduced the pre-commercial version of the E(PAC)-500 fuel cell-based power source in February of 2002 at the Third Annual Touchstone Energy New and Emerging Technologies Conference and Expo held in Tucson, Arizona. Over the last several months, H Power has worked with several partners in the US, Japan and Europe in trial applications to refine its direct hydrogen product offering. As a result of the feedback received during these field trials the company has decided to offer two products – the existing E(PAC)-500 and the new Modular Power Solution line. The E(PAC)-500 is a self-contained, rack-mountable 500-Watt fuel cell power source, designed for outdoor or indoor use. The unit can be mounted in a standard equipment rack and has an output of 120VAC at 60 Hz. International versions will be available shortly. This is the first product in H Power’s Self-Contained Power Solutions Line sold under the banner “power to handle your toughest challenges” and provides the convenience of an all-inclusive fuel cell power source with grid sensing capability that allows the system to be set to act as a stand-alone power source, or to self-start upon electrical grid failure. The new Modular Power Solutions product line is based on the H(Core)-500(TM) which is a hydrogen-fueled 500-Watt, 48 V DC power source that can also be configured for indoor or outdoor use. Multiple H-Cores can be combined to create customer specific solutions featuring voltage outputs of 120 VAC 60Hz or 48 VDC–up to 2kW. (NASDAQ:HPOW)
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