Guam Power Authority Looks to Energy Storage to Reduce Power Outages

Guam Power Authority (GPA) has chosen to install two energy storage systems that will help reduce intermittent power outages that Guam has been experiencing from net metering penetration and utility-scale renewable energy projects.

Energy solutions provider LG CNS last week said that it secured a $43 million contract with GPA for the 40-MW/22-MWh energy storage systems.

According to LG, the project calls for a 24-MW/6-MWh storage system for frequency regulation to be located at a substation in the village of Agana, and a 16-MW/16MWh system for renewable integration to be installed at a substation in the village of Talofofo, which is connected to an existing solar farm. LG said that it needs to deliver the systems on a turnkey basis within 12 months.

“This investment will help alleviate system frequency issues, forced outages and support renewable integration,” John Benavente, P.E. general manager, GPA, said in a statement. “Our ratepayers typically experience short outages whenever a generator trips in the system in order for us to avoid a blackout. It is estimated the [energy storage] would eliminate about 77 percent of those outages, thereby substantially improving service reliability to our ratepayers.”

The storage systems will use LG Chem lithium-ion batteries and LG CNS’ energy management system to provide frequency regulation and solar PV ramp rate control.

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