Growth Potential for the Fuel Cells Market, Says Report

London, UK [] Frost & Sullivan finds that the European Stationary Fuel Cells Market is expected to achieve commercialization by the end of this decade and is estimated to reach US$197 million in 2010. Fuel cells show electrical efficiencies of 40 to 49 percent in comparison with other competing technologies, which display electrical efficiencies close to 30 to 35 per cent. In a cogeneration mode, fuel cell systems can achieve an electrical efficiency of close to 80 to 85 percent. Hence, higher efficiencies and improved benefits will result in CHP-based fuel cell systems leading the expansion of the stationary fuel cells market during the initial years of commercialization. Yet concerns revolve around enhancing the reliability and durability of fuel cells causing their adoption without an improved and more competitive product and price offering to be doubtful.
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