Grid Tied PV Systems without the Inverter at ASES/ISES

Our “Gateway for Power” uses all available energy from PV panels (or other DG source) to power local DC loads (like fluorescent lighting). When there is insufficient solar, we ‘fill in’ with power from the grid or from optional batteries.

Our system is far more efficient than an inverter because we use power where, when, and how it is generated and bypass inverter and rectifier losses. Other local DC loads include computer servers, DC motors (and VFDs), and more. There’s a short graphic demonstration at The system is currently installed in locations around the country including Target Stores, Whole Foods Markets, a Frito Lay Distribution Center, and offices and grocery stores. There are white papers and monitoring screens on our website at The features of our system include: –More efficient than an inverter-based photovoltaic system. –Backup Lighting: During a grid failure, the lights are powered by solar and, optionally, batteries. –No inverter needed: No inverter losses, net metering agreements, or utility interconnects. –Low Voltage Controls: Inexpensive occupancy sensors. –Qualify for all solar-related rebates and incentive plans. –Lower initial costs as the systems are designed to meet your lighting loads. –Solar Services agreements, where we buy the system and sell you the power, are available. –Where avoided costs are paid by the utilities, or net metering is not available our system is even more cost effective.
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