Green Power Rise for Emergency Fuel Cell

GreenVolt Power Corp, a company involved in alternative energy sources, says it has tested and proved a 150 percent increase in power output capability of its PM-120 Magnesium-Air-Saltwater fuel cell.

ORILLIA, Ontario, CA, 2001-10-16 [] The company says the fuel cell’s original 24 watt capability is now 40 watt nominal, with a maximum of 60 W (5 ampere at up to 12 Volt) maximum power output. It claims that the entire unit has a wet weight of 7 lbs, compared with a traditional lead-acid battery of 95 Ah rating that weighs ten times more. GreenVolt says testing of the first production-line units have confirmed the performance obtained in development testing with the duration/anode of power performance similar to the original units. It says its emergency fuel cell will deliver its energy anywhere and anytime, while keeping itself warm if operating in freezing conditions. When stored dry and inactive, it will last for several years, without failing to operate when charged with salt water electrolyte. “We are also working to develop specialized units that may power wheel chairs, scooters, mini-bikes, golf carts and all manner of inexpensive and universally popular light transportation vehicles,” says president Thomas Faul, who adds that deliveries of the PM-120 will start this month. GreenVolt claims it is continuing development work on strategic fuel cell applications, such as larger units for motive power, catalytic electrolyzers for extracting Hydrogen from water, solid polymer units for powering homes and medium size buildings, large phosphoric acid fuel cells fueled by natural gas, and modular alkaline fuel cells that are popular for space and under-water applications.
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