Green Charge Networks Enters Cal-ISO Market with 61 Energy Storage Systems

Green Charge Networks, the largest provider of commercial energy storage in the U.S., said it has entered the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) market. Under its shared-savings power efficiency agreement, Green Charge has contracted 61 energy storage systems and 13.3 MWh with customers throughout California to take part in utility or ISO programs.

CAISO and state utilities are observing how distributed customer-sited energy storage at scale can have a meaningful effect on power efficiency across the grid.

Green Charge’s core business reduces commercial electric bills by providing peak demand shaving services. In addition, customers further enrolled in CAISO or utility programs through Green Charge are able to leverage the unused capacity of their energy storage system to earn extra revenues, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental value. Serving as a model for the future of aggregated energy storage services, California’s Mountain View-Los Altos High School District’s 1.08 MWh deployment is taking part in Green Charge’s ISO bidding program.

With the growth of solar on the grid, utilities are increasingly struggling to ramp-up capacity in the late afternoon/early evening hours, in particular when demand is highest in the summer months. Load growth within certain circuits is also placing more and more stress on the distribution network during peak times. Green Charge identifies and qualifies sites within targeted circuits, and develops the distributed energy storage program required to provide adequate grid relief. With systems deployed throughout many California school districts, Green Charge is assisting utilities by leveraging the fully-available capacity of its systems to provide energy on demand to the grid during peak hours.

This article was published originally by Power Engineering and was reprinted with permission.

Lead image credit: Green Charge Networks

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