GrafTech Receives Key Patents in Growth Markets

GrafTech International Ltd., a leader in carbon and graphite technology, was recently awarded four new patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Wilmington, Delaware – September 23, 2002 [] The flexible graphite patents cover certain aspects of GTI’s developing technologies including its fuel cell market. Natural graphite is the primary raw material used in products for the fuel cell and other of GTI’s growth businesses. Patent 6,416,815 titled “Expandable Graphite and Method” describes a unique chemical process that allows GTI to use smaller, less costly, flake that is widely available in mines throughout the world. Two of the other newly issued patents focus on the superior features of GTI’s flexible graphite materials for use in the fuel cell market. Patents 6,413,671 and 6,413,633 describe two gas permeable flexible graphite components that can be used to replace the high cost carbon fiber composites currently used for gas diffusion layers. GTI’s gas permeable flexible graphite has higher electrical and thermal conductivity, has better conformability and can be cost effectively manufactured in high volumes. These patents will support GTI’s continuous efforts in its collaboration with Ballard Power Systems in the development of proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Worldwide GTI currently has 335 pending patent applications and 337 issued patents.
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