GM and Dow Test Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Texas

February 12, 2004 [] U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, joined by Texas Governor Rick Perry and other dignitaries, officially opened a new General Motors (GM) hydrogen fuel cell test facility that will convert hydrogen into electricity for the Dow Chemical Company’s manufacturing facility site in Freeport, Texas. This new facility will conduct field tests to transfer hydrogen into electricity and will demonstrate the viability of fuel cell power generation for chemical manufacturing. Successful installation of hydrogen fuel cells will give Dow an additional supply of electricity while reducing emissions. GM hopes the arrangement will also inevitably drive technological progress in pursuit of cost- competitive fuel cell systems. The initial test will convert hydrogen into 75 kW of electricity, or enough power for sixty homes per year. Ultimately, fuel cells from GM could generate 35 MW of power from hydrogen for Dow, equivalent to electricity for 25,000 homes. Abraham hailed the test as a milestone that could have wide ranging benefits for industry and individuals in the years to come.


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