German Fuel Cell Vehicle Program Completed

The German zinc-air electric van consortium has completed its multi-year government-funded program by successfully demonstrating the Electric Fuel Corporation zinc-air van in road tests.

New York, New York – December 18, 2002 [] The zero-emission all-electric hybrid van is powered by Electric Fuel zinc-air fuel cells as the sole energy source, together with a NiMH battery and an ultra capacitor. An advanced energy and power traction system was integrated by DaimlerChrysler and coordinated by BIBA Institute in Bremen. It includes Electric Fuel zinc-air fuel cells, VARTA Battery AG nickel-metal-hydride batteries and EPCOS AG ultracapacitors. Tests of the vehicle in a passenger taxi configuration have now been successfully completed including: laboratory tests of the various components; integration tests of the vehicle with all its sub-systems and controls; and an on-road test-drive on the premises BIBA at Bremen University. During the €12 million (US$11.8 million) program, the German EFRB consortium developed the hybrid vehicle design based on DaimlerChrysler cargo vans. Consortium organizers expressed hopes that the program will lead to the future commercialization of high performance, clean electric transportation based on these technologies. The company also has signed a contract with the US Army Communications Electronic Command to deliver an order of advanced zinc-air batteries during the first three quarters of 2003, with a current order ceiling of US$2,543,250.
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