GE Upgrading Control Systems at 1,602-MW Mingtan Pumped Storage in Taiwan

Taiwan Power Company has chosen GE’s Power Conversion business to provide upgrades to two sets of startup frequency converter control systems at its 1,602-MW Mingtan pumped storage plant.

Mingtan is Taiwan’s largest hydroelectric plant, GE says.

This work will help extend the hydro plant’s operational life by 20 years, according to a press release. Upgrading theses control systems will improve harmonic levels at the plant, GE says. The company also will provide uninterruptible power supply systems and conduct factory acceptance tests and on-site tests.

The power plant will continue to operate throughout the upgrade procedure, GE says. This solution will allow the generator startup to be energized by both thermal and hydro power.

Mingtan Dam, on the Shuili River in central Taiwan, forms Mingtan Reservoir, the lower reservoir for the Mingtan pumped storage facility. The upper reservoir is called Sun Moon Lake. The generating facility began operating in 1995 and contains six Francis pump-turbine units.

In 2015, Taiwan Power had a total generating capacity of 41,037 MW, 2,602 MW of that from pumped storage hydropower.

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