Funding of $18 Million Allotted for Renewables and Fuel Cells

The state trust fund for renewable energy in Massachusetts has released four public solicitations to encourage the use of electricity from renewable energy sources.

WESTBOROUGH, Massachusetts, US, 2001-03-19 <> The Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation (MTPC), administrator of the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust Fund, will provide $750,000 for projects to develop consumer aggregation programs in the state for the purchase of green power or renewable energy technologies. Governmental entities and non-profit consumer groups are eligible to apply for up to $150,000 of funding for selected projects under the ‘Consumer Aggregation Planning Grants.’ MTPC will issue additional solicitations under the consumer aggregation program, representing a total commitment of $1.5 million through June of next year. Applications must be received by April 30. The second solicitation, ‘Green Power Predevelopment Financing,’ will provide a total of $500,000 for projects that develop grid-connected electric generating facilities in New England that employ renewable energy technologies. Projects must be at least 1 MW of capacity, and intended to provide power to Massachusetts’ consumers. The solicitation is not for generating facilities where the output is intended for use on-site. In addition, funding is available only for predevelopment activities, not construction costs. Private companies, not-for-profit groups and public agencies are eligible to apply for up to $150,000 for each selected project on a cost-shared basis. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and the solicitation will remain open until funds are fully allocated. The other two solicitations concern the use of fuel cells. A total of $750,000 will be available under the ‘Premium Power Planning Grant’ for studies to examine the feasibility of using fuel cells to provide high quality power at various sites in the state. Funding is available only for technical services related to the feasibility study, not capital costs associated with the purchase and installation of a premium power system. MTPC will provide up to $150,000 for each selected project on a cost-shared basis, and additional solicitations will be issued until June 2002, for a total commitment for planning grants of $1.5 million. The final solicitation, Premium Power Installation Grants,’ will allocate $5 million to purchase and install fuel cells as part of systems to provide high quality power at various sites. Funding is available only for capital costs associated with purchase and installation of premium power systems, not technical services related to feasibility studies. MTPC will provide grants to cover up to 25 percent of capital costs of a system, to a maximum of $2 million per project. Additional solicitations will be issued under this program to push the total grants to $15 million by June 2002.


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