Fun and Affordable Solar Gadgets

Ever heard of a solar keyboard? How about a solar fan or radio? These are just a few of the fun and affordable solar gadgets that are being invented to harness the free natural energy of the sun.

Thankfully, more and more manufacturers are looking at solar power as a viable energy source and are designing and creating gadgets that operate on solar exclusively or gadgets that can operate using either solar or electric.

If you haven’t looked into the newest solar technology lately, you may be surprised at how affordable it is to start going green simply by choosing your favorite gadgets, but with solar power as the primary energy source instead of simply electricity.

Taking even small steps toward living a lifestyle that uses solar is progress toward a healthier and more stable environment and world.

Here are some of the most affordable and fun new solar gadgets on the market that I found in my most recent research.

  • Solar wrist watch – starting at around $28 to $35 and up
  • Solar battery chargers – $20 and up
  • Solar cell phone charger – $20 and up
  • Solar radios – $39.95 and up
  • Solar automobile fans – as low as $6.99
  • Solar keyboard – $79.99
  • Solar backpacks – $200 and up
  • Solar ovens – beginning at $119
  • Solar television remote – $15

One of the most fun categories of solar gadgets is the solar toys! Toys powered by sunlight are an excellent way to get your children excited about solar power and to instill in them a curiosity about how the environment can really benefit us both personally and globally. Prices begin around $4.99 and go up.

Some of the solar toys you can choose from include:

  • Solar waving Queen of England
  • Frogs/toads
  • Cars and SUVs
  • Bugs and beetles
  • Bobble head characters
  • Dancing flowers
  • Animals in motion
  • Spiders 
  • Helicopters
  • Airplanes 
  • Robots
  • Solar boats
  • Bus


What other solar gadgets are available to help reduce your carbon footprint on the environment?

Solar lights are a beautiful addition to your home’s curb appeal and the cost is very nominal when you consider how long the lights will last and that once you invest in the lights, the power to run them is free!

Adding solar lights along your driveway, patio, sidewalk, pool, deck, or garden creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes you want to sit and stay awhile. At the same time, you get the benefit of added light during the evening hours. You can find solar lights starting for as little as $3.00 per lamp.

Solar clothing is not exactly affordable, but if you compare the price of solar clothing to solar panels for your home, they’re suddenly very affordable. Imagine wearing a coat that soaks up solar energy while you’re out doing your errands and staying warmer because of it. Or you could use that energy to power up your cell phone or iPod while you walk! This is one area of solar technology that will hopefully improve and become more affordable as time goes on.

Interested in using solar energy, but didn’t quite know where to start? Now you have some great ideas for incorporating solar power into your life with simple solar gadgets that won’t break the budget!

Have fun with it and keep looking for new and exciting solar powered toys and affordable solar gadgets to come out on the market! 

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M.S. Rochell is writer, healer and a lifelong, passionate lover of nature and the environment. She is the editor of , an online educational resource which hopes to inspire and educate people about going green with affordable solar energy options.

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