FuelCell Energy’s Power Plant Wins CSA Certification

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] FuelCell Energy’s modular sub-megawatt Direct FuelCell (DFC 300MA) stationary fuel cell power plant has been certified by CSA International (CSA) to meet the ANSI/CSA America FC1-2004 Stationary Fuel Cell Power Standard. The DFC 300MA power plant, introduced in June 2005, is using initiatives to reduce capital costs and ongoing maintenance expenses by 20-25 percent a year, which includes a substitution of a standard ISO ship container (replacing a custom-made enclosure) and reduction of total parts count by 10 percent. The DFC300MA contains the same power-conditioning unit of the DFC300A that converts DC power into AC and thus remains certified to Rule 21 Interconnection standards in California. The company has submitted the necessary paperwork for certification to the California Air Resources Board stringent distributed-generation emissions standards for 2007. That application currently is being reviewed, and approval is expected by the end of 2005. FuelCell Energy’s DFC300A self-contained commercial stationary power plant and its DFC1500 power plants, which provide high-quality commercial grade base load power, have previously been certified by CSA.


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